Trina Gulliver MBE  - BDO World Darts Championships 2020

BDO World Darts Championships 2020

BDO World Ladies Professional Darts Championships 2020

Following Trina’s recent announcement to withdraw from the BDO World Darts Championships 2020 due to ill heath, we take a look at Trina’s World Championship record and who is likely to be the victor in 2020.

Has Trina Gulliver MBE turns 50, she would have been one of the oldest dart competitors in the 2020 BDO World Darts Championship. However, she will not be achieving her eleventh world title next year!

Trina has done it all, won every women’s major darts championship, many more than once. Her achievement in the world finals is second to none. She is the only player to compete in every world championship final since they first began in 2001. She has won the title ten times and been the runner up twice. Although a great rival Deta Headman may have acclimated more titles overall than Trina, many before Trina even took to the oche, Deta has never managed to win the world title.

Trina was a raked outsider for the 2020 championship. However, she was a ranked outsider in 2016 and won the title for the tenth time. Her place this year will be taken by from Tori Kewish Australian which is likely to change the odds across all players. If you like to bet on sports and are looking for some promotional codes to boost your chances, then the best Indiana online sportsbooks is the place to visit. Indiana sportsbooks offer some of the best offers any punter might be looking for. With a wide range of offers, take a look at their offers now.

Trina followed her 2016 World Title win by taking World Masters title for the fifth time. The ‘Golden Girl’ again back on top form.

2019 hasn’t been one littered with success for Trina. She withdrew from the England squad earlier in the year. However, she always seems to raise her game when she takes to the oche for a World Championship title. Her opponents still fear the former champion knowing she can always find that bit of magic that has brought her so much success over the past two decades. Alas, Trina will not be there and the pressure for some will be off.

When the lady’s darts is mentioned, Trina always comes up in conversation. Although a new young talent is stealing the limelight, such as Fallon Sherrock and Mikura Suzuki, Trina is still the player they want to emulate. Trina’s past averages have dwarfed some of her top male counterparts, showing that women can play the game as good as and in some cases better than the men.

Both Fallon Sherrock and Mikura Suzuki has secured a place in the PDC World Professional Darts Championships. The two places allocated by the PDC were highly contested with Suzuki securing her place via the International playoffs and Sherrock via the UK qualifiers.

Suzuki had her first-round match against James Richardson and was only narrow defeated 2-3 in sets in the last leg decider. Suzuki, the current BDO World Champion should that ladies dart can compete on the male-dominated stage and her performance showed why she is the World Champion. She looks good to retain her BDO title in January.

Fallon Sherrock is another young talent that is more than capable of taking the 2020 World Darts Title. Sherrock won the 2018 BDO World Trophy and in the same year won the BDO British Gold Cup. A member of the England International squad she has gained the experience and will be a contender for the 2020 world title.

Although Trina will be missed, her schedule first-round opponent former two-time World Masters youth champion Beau Greaves will be relieved Trina isn’t playing. Greaves is currently making a name for herself in the senior game and is ranked 6th as she goes int the World Championship and will be favourite to beat Trina’s replacement, Toni Kewish in her opening match.

This year’s venue for the World Championships is the iconic London O2 Arena. The move away from the Lakeside venue has been a little controversial having staged the event there for the past twenty-three years. However, chairman of the BDO Des Jacklin has made several changes to the BDO since he was appointed the chairman. Although many will agree change was needed, some of the changes have cost the BDO. The World Darts Federation has changed the BDO status and no longer recognising the BDO ranking point system. The ladies, however, have seen some benefit from the changes with the increased prize fund for the major championships.

The BDO World Championship will be shown live via Eurosport and Quest TV. Tickets for the event can be acquired, should you wish to watch the best ladies and men play for a world darts title.


Ladies BDO World Championship Past Winners








2019 Mikuru Suzuki 3 - 0 Lorraine Winstanley
2018 Lisa Ashton 3 - 1 Anastasia Dobromyslova
2017 Lisa Ashton 3 - 0 Corrine Hammond
2016 Trina Gulliver MBE 3 - 2 Deta Headman
2015 Lisa Ashton 3 - 1 Fallon Sherrock
2014 Lisa Ashton 3 - 2 Deta Hedman
2013 Anastasia Dobromyslova 2 - 1 Lisa Ashton
2012 Anastasia Dobromyslova 2 - 1 Deta Hedman
2011 Trina Gulliver MBE 2 - 0 Rhian Edwards
2010 Trina Gulliver MBE 2 - 0 Rhian Edwards
2009 Francis Hoenselaar 2 - 1 Trina Gulliver MBE
2008 Anastasia Dobromyslova 2 - 0 Trina Gulliver MBE
2007 Trina Gulliver MBE 2 - 1 Francis Hoenselaar
2006 Trina Gulliver MBE 2 - 0 Francis Hoenselaar
2005 Trina Gulliver MBE 2 - 0 Francis Hoenselaar
2004 Trina Gulliver MBE 2 - 0 Francis Hoenselaar
2003 Trina Gulliver MBE 2 - 0 Ann Kirk
2002 Trina Gulliver MBE 2 - 1 Francis Hoenselaar
2001 Trina Gulliver MBE 2 - 1 Mandy Solomons


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