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Top Figure amongst Female Darts Competitors

Prize Money

The world of Darts revolves around deep concentration, steady nerves and the charisma to propel the massive crowds present during live events into ecstasy. The party-like atmosphere at all events is electrifying but crowds can get impatient if the 180s are scarce so it is important to focus on the task ahead.

Thanks to massive sponsorships and live TV coverage, Darts has quickly evolved into a money-making machine where top prizes can reach £500,000 for the PDC World title. The richest player in terms of winnings is presently Phil Taylor who accumulated around £7.6m by the time he retired last year. He won the PDC World Championship 14 times and was active on the Darts scene since 1986. And the BDO World title twice.

Phil Taylor 16 Time World Darts Champion

Apart from prize money, Darts players also make loads of money in sponsorship deals.

The average lifespan for a professional Darts player is around 15-20 years and the age factor can actually help to keep a steady hand when needed. Experience and hours of practice are key but it is usually the will-power and character of the individual to lead the way.

The UK and Holland are probably the 2 most successful countries in terms of World Championships won. Rivalries can reach simmering point and tensions run high but it is all part of the corporate identity of a successful Darts player. If you allow your adversary to take the upper hand psychologically then you have lost half the battle.

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Trina Gulliver MBE

Anyone with a passion for Darts will have heard of Trina Gulliver MBE. She has won the World Professional Darts Championship 10 times since 2001 and has placed as runner-up twice. She is also known as The ‘Golden Girl’ and has also been awarded the BBC Midlands Sports Personality of the Year in 2003. She received her greatest achievement in 2013 when she was given the title of MBE for her contribution towards Darts and her charity fundraising events.

Trina joined the BDO, the largest Darts organisation, in 1998 and the first seven BDO Lakeside World Championships, from 2001 until 2007. Trina has won a total of ten World Championship titles to date the others 2010, 2011 and 2016. Trina is considered the the ‘Phil Taylor’ of the ladies game and is the most successful ladies darts player there has ever been.

Trina Gulliver MBE

Trina’s exploits in professional Darts were brought to life in her autobiography, Golden Girl: The Autobiography of the Greatest Ever Ladies’ Darts Player in 2008. Through this book, she reminisces about her bitter rivalry with fellow competitor Crissy Manley.

There are ample opportunities to place bets on Darts competitions, with bookies such as Genting offering some tantalizing deals at Be sure to read the fine print so as to be prepared for what’s in store.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Women’s prize money, females still lag far behind their male counterparts. Last year’s Men’s BDO World Champion took off with £100,000 whilst the top female player took just £12,000!


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